Poster Presentations of Accepted Papers

There are three poster sessions during the workshop, please see the page Program + Speakers for when those sessions are scheduled.

Presenters were selected from a Call for Contributions. Presenters submitted short papers with a length of 2 to 5 pages in the standard IEEE conference format. All paper submissions were reviewed in a single-blind review process and were judged based on the paper's relevance to the topics of this workshop.

Below is the list of all accepted papers and the assigned session:

Session, Poster # Authors Title
1, 1 Irfan Hussain, Federico Renda, Zubair Iqbal, Monica Malvezzi, Gionata Salvietti, Lakmal Seneviratne, Dongming Gan and Domenico Prattichizzo. Modeling and Prototyping of an Underactuated Gripper Exploiting Joint Compliance and Modularity
1, 2 Milad Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, Jeffrey F. Queißer and Jochen J. Steil. Multi-level control architecture for Bionic Handling Assistant robot
1, 3 Zheyuan Gong and Li Wen.  A Soft Continuum Manipulator with Opposing Bending Curvature for Underwater Grasping
1, 10 Stanislao Grazioso, Giuseppe Di Gironimo and Bruno Siciliano. Towards a unified geometric framework for finite element modeling of articulated soft robots and soft-bodied robots
1, 13 Charles Manion, Dinesh Patel, Mark Fuge and Sarah Bergbreiter. Modelling and Evaluation of Additive Manufactured HASEL Actuators
1, 15 Giovanna Adele Naselli, Ali Leylavi Shoushtari, Ali Sadeghi and Barbara Mazzolai. A Softness Distribution Index
1, 20 Ernesto Olguín Díaz, Christian Alejandro Trejo Ramos, Vicente Parra Vega and David Navarro Alarcón. On the Modelling of Soft-robots as Quasi-Continuum Lagrangian Dynamical Systems with Well-posed Input Matrix
1, 22 Andres Hidalgo and Eduardo Rocon. A Multibody System Approach for Variable Stiffness Actuators
2, 8 James Bern, Luca Lavarini, Roi Poranne and Stelian Coros. Model-based optimization of tendon layouts for soft robots
2, 11 Isuru Godage, Yue Chen and Ian Walker. Dynamic Control of Pneumatic Muscle Actuators
2, 12 Andrew Sabelhaus and Adrian Agogino. Inverse Kinematics for Control of Tensegrity Soft Robots: Existence and Optimality of Solutions
2, 14 Riccardo Mengacci, Manolo Garabini, Franco Angelini, Giorgio Grioli, Manuel Catalano and Antonio Bicchi. A Model-Free Torque Learning Scheme for Motion Control of Variable Stiffness Robots
2, 16 Courtney Morley-Drabble and Surya Singh. Towards a Complementary Design & Control Strategy for a Linearized Pneumatically Powered Soft Robots
2, 17

S.M.H. Sadati, S. E. Naghibi, A. Shiva, S. Zschaler, H. Hauser, I. Walker, K. Althoefer and T. Nanayakkara

AutoTMTDyn: A Matlab Software Package to Drive TMT Lagrange Dynamics of Series Rigid- and Continuum-link Mechanisms
2, 24 Ritaban Dutta, David Renshaw, Hong Yin, Daniel Liang, David Howard and Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay. Data Driven Modeling of Shape Recovery Behavior in SMP Laminates
3, 4 Ameer Hamza Khan, Zili Shao and Li Shuai. A Novel Active Damping Mechanism for Multi-Chambered Parallel Soft Robots
3, 5 Davide Zappetti, Jean Marc Bejjani and Dario Floreano. Evolutionary Co-Design of Morphology and Control of Soft Tensegrity Modular Robots with Programmable Stiffness
3, 7 Maja Trumic, Kosta Jovanovic and Adriano Fagiolini. Kernel-based Nonlinear Adaptive Control of Stiffness and Position for Soft Robots Actuators
3, 9 Yue Chen, Kevin Galloway and Isuru Godage. Efficient Reduced-Order Models for Soft Actuators
3, 19 Daniel Bruder, Audrey Sedal, Ram Vasudevan and C. David Remy. Model-Based Method for Estimating the Workspace of Soft Manipulators
3, 23 Benny Gamus, Lior Salem, Amir D. Gat and Yizhar Or. Analysis of Soft Robotic Bipedal Crawling
3, 25 Manuel Keppler, Dominic Lakatos, C. Ott, Alin Albu-Schaeffer


Elastic Structure Preserving Control of Articulated Soft Robots with Elastic and Visco-Elastic Joints